Tuesday, May 24, 2016

[PSX] Syphon Filter

The Syphon Filter series are the kind of games that are grt fun to play and excellently programmed, yet somehow the wide publicity and acclaim they deserve escapes them. The Syphon Filter story is an exciting story about two ats in the acy (an undercover US government organisation) who stumble across a dastardly scheme to crte a etically programmable virus which could possibly wipe out most of the population of rth. The story is full of adventure, bravery, betrayal, and most importantly, top quality action.
This particular game is just the starting point to this story, an introduction to the series, which currently spans three games.
RapidGator, Turbobit, Uploaded, FileFactory, and More

Mirror RG

Mirror TB

Mirror FF

: Hiero

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